The aergon story

In 1993, Beate Junginger first founded a company under her own name, which even back then was already dedicated to her current mission: "to fix things" - i.e. to bring people and companies to their potential, to transform their talents and destiny, their cracks and their setbacks into something wonderful and new, more in line with their individual character.

In order to open up the company to other people and talents, following over two years as Managing Partner of Manres AG, she founded aergon inside-out leadership-transformation in Munich. During this reorientation phase, Dr. Thomas Gartenmann (a long-standing colleague and friend) joined the aergon, who founded the Zurich office, and they created aergon together from scratch.

Digitalization, connectivity, globalization and demographic change lead to major changes in the world of work and are therefore relevant factors that must be included in the transformation of a corporate and leadership culture. In order to give more space to this overall context and her passion for new technologies, Beate Junginger will continue aergon alone at the end of 2018, Dr. Thomas Gartenmann will move his aergon to a new web address.

Nevertheless, Beate Junginger and Dr. Thomas Gartenmann and his aergon will continue their private friendship, and the admiration, pride and gratitude they have for each other will never fade.